Frequently Asked Questions

What is your criteria for investments?

We invest in early-stage companies that have a proven business model and track record handling challenges with increasing growth in returns and productivity. We work in capacities where we have knowledge and strong networks, and where we see both brand and cultural adaptation.

What is your standard investment size?

Our investments range from $250,000 to $1 billion+. Our average investment size is $10-20 million. We typically invest in the Seed round and Series A or B.

What do you look for?

We seek for entire addressable markets that create the potential for $1 billion+ exits. We want a strong opportunity to influence the upside potential, and we look for methods to build downside protection. We want all of our partnered portfolio companies to benefit both in the short and long term.

How long do you hold in portfolio companies?

Partnerships with The Brockett Group is more than just expertise in area of business. We make exit when we strongly consider that the company has attained certain goals. A standard hold period is between five to ten years.

How do you work with company executives?

After we recognize a team with a well-thought-of founder (s) and an established or at least extremely assuring product or service, we work hard for them. We open up our networks in various industries. We help guide CEOs and their management teams think through problematic challenges.

How does The Brockett Group promote diversity and inclusion?

Our firm is combined of brilliant personalities from all walks of life and backgrounds. Our state-of-the-art methods to backup founders and establishing businesses is from our team’s diversity of views and ranging skillsets. Diversity produces innovation and leads to better choices and results through mutual shared decision making. We want to encourage diversity and inclusion within The Brockett Group, and expect the same in the businesses we invest in.

Who do you invest alongside with?

We are a multifaceted investment management firm. We invest across alternative asset classes on behalf of funds and other leading institutions.

How fast do you capitalize on investments?

Readiness is in the fundamentals of our business to be able to secure great investment opportunities. Our capacity to move rapidly with decision making without the administration of a large firm is a massive competitive advantage for us and for our portfolio companies and business partners.