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“The Brockett Group has always been managed with a viewpoint of attaining successful progression over the long term. Our organization has consistently wanted to centre on the best possible results for our company and investments over a period of years rather than on the short-term influence and gains.”


Malik D. Brockett

President, Chairman & CEO

Why Us

The Brockett Group is one of the global leading investment management firms. We pursue to make a positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors and the portfolio companies in which we invest, and the communities within we live and work.

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Profits & Investment Preservation

Our vision is to drive increased returns and investment preservation over the long term for our investors. All of our businesses reflect The Brockett Group’s strong partnership culture, tailored methods, duty to extraordinary implementation and uncompromising integrity.

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We work along with financial advisors and family offices to deliver investment understandings, opportunities and informative backing, helping them better recognize the structure and qualities of private market capitalizing in their portfolio.

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Total Alignment

Total alignment with the best of interests for our clients and investors is at the centre of our asset management attitude. We adapt our investment tactics to the altering requirements of our clientele and investors, captivating an functioning and responsible approach to providing client fulfilment.

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Most of our well-known experts have expanded their careers working with financial advisors and family offices, providing them with the direct viewpoint into the clients unique requirements.

Our Team


Malik Duquon Brockett


Malik Duquon Brockett is an American business magnate, investor, speaker, philanthropist, humanitarian, and principal founder of The Brockett Group. During his career at The Brockett Group, Brockett held the positions of chairman, COO and CEO.

Brockett led the company as chief operating officer until stepping down in January 2019, but he remained as chairman and was appointed chief executive officer in March 2019.

Micheal Sykes


Experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Pro Tools, Music Publishing, Coaching, and Record Labels. Strong business development professional. He's known as the Go-To Manager in the Hip-Hop Dance World. He Discovered Platinum Artist Soulja Boy "Crank Dat", IheartMemphis "Hit The Quan & Lean & Dabb", Platium Producer Buck Nasty "Hit The Quan". He also manages  Platinum Artist Silento "Watch Me" & Actor Nick Nerves  "Project X" & many more. 

Grace Tanda

Partner/Head of Europe

Bapianga Deogracias "Grace" Tanda is a Swedish professional footballer who plays for Vietnam V.league 1 club CLB SHB Đà Nãng and the Congo national football team. Nicknamed "Grace", Tanda is a proficient striker, possessing great speed, physic and technique in his game. 

Ismahil Akinade

Ismahil Akinade is a Nigerian-born professional footballer who plays as a forward for CLB SHB Đà Nẵng.

Partner/Head of Africa

Jordan Zapata

Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Financial Officer/Partner

Mai Trung Nghĩa

Chief Marketing Officer

Vivek Verma

Chief Operating Officer/

Head of Asia & Australia

Beverly Ramirez

Chief Legal Officer

Allan J Lamb

Chief Administrative Officer/

Head of South & North America

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