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What We Do

The Brockett Group is an American private equity alternative investment management firm that supports companies in various different industries with internal and external capital, working with exceptionally talented teams, and creating value for investors. Our vision is to create world-class market leading companies, brands and partnerships that encourage, relate, and inspire worldwide consumers. The firm is led by Malik Duquon Brockett, who has been successful in investing and making establishments across a wide range of asset classes in different sectors on a global basis including private equity and real estate. The Brockett Group centres on areas where Malik and the firm can best implement their skillset, drive, and wide-ranging connections to back portfolio companies and partners to attain greater results. Based in New York City, the firm has invested internal and external capital in more than 100 companies and partnerships valued at more than $2.5 billion.

Real Estate

We create real estate investments that consistently produce increasing returns. The Brockett Group has acquired and under management more than $1.5 billion of real estate assets and developed over 50 million square feet of space through its businesses and investment partners in the retail, residential, hospitality and multifamily sectors to capitalize on the exceptional opportunities that exist in the market.


We offer financial capital, strategical planning and operational guidance, and extensive valuable networks to support start-ups and their executive boards to drive improvement, shape lasting businesses, and constantly providing high yields to investors.


The Brockett Group assists businesses change by delivering strategic and operating support and leveraging from the expertise and capabilities of Malik Brockett and the firm.


The Brockett Group associates with exclusive companies and brands that can advantage from Malik and the team's knowledge and profile-raising influence. We seek to drive and assist in creating value and producing sustainable long-term economic growth and making a positive impact within the communities in which we live and work.

 Our Offices


New York . Baltimore . Cambridge . Houston . Los Angeles . San Francisco . Wayne


London . Copenhagen . Dublin . Frankfurt . Luxembourg . Madrid . Milan . Paris


Hong Kong . Abu Dhabi . Beijing . Mumbai . Seoul . Shanghai . Singapore . Sydney . Tokyo

Our Experience

The Brockett Group is an experienced leader in emerging markets with private equity and a pioneer of the universal style to creating a spread portfolio of the greatest risk-adjusted investments across international emerging markets. We have supported resilient management teams and market-leading brands through selective entry to the most compelling areas and sectors.

Delivering Financial Security

Investing Globally

Creating a Positive Impact

Our experienced team of local nationals have a solid longstanding track record in developing markets, with an average partner tenure of 24 years with The Brockett Group and an average of 19 years investment experience. Since 2019, our firm has made private equity investments bridging across 25 countries, offering our team with a deep awareness across our focus markets and areas.

Our Core Focus


Our performance is illustrated by excellent risk-adjusted yields within a wide-ranging and increasing variety of asset classes and throughout all kinds of economic situations.


Capitalizing across various areas, businesses and asset classes gives us the understanding, resources and analytical advantage to benefit of investments opportunities on a international scale.


Our investments are aimed to maintain and grow our client’s investment throughout different market phases. We do this by using brilliant people and flexible internal and external capital to comfort businesses resolve complications, and to involve with our local communities.


We concentrate on attracting remarkably talented individuals and rewarding creativity, independent input and accountability.  Our team’s extensive skillset and deep market knowledge are a acute basis of intellectual capital.

About Us

Malik Duquon Brockett

Malik Duquon Brockett is an American business magnate, investor, speaker, philanthropist, humanitarian, and principal founder of The Brockett Group. During his career at The Brockett Group, Brockett held the positions of chairman, COO and CEO.


Brockett led the company as chief operating officer until stepping down in January 2019, but he remained as chairman and was appointed chief executive officer in March 2019.


Brockett is considered as one of the smartest and best-known entrepreneurs in his era. He has been criticized by many for his different business tactics, which have been classified by some as anti-competitive. This view has been upheld by numerous court rulings.


Brockett has been included among the list of the world's wealthiest people, his net-worth among others is an index of the wealthiest documented individuals, excluding and ranking against those with wealth that is not able to be completely ascertained.


Later in his career and since creating The Brockett Foundation, Brockett pursued a number of philanthropic endeavours. He donated large amounts of money to various charitable organizations and scientific research programs through The Brockett Foundation.


Malik is well equipped with all the investment tricks and has experience that very few seasoned investors can claim to possess.


Malik Duquon Brockett is a classic example of entrepreneurial success.


With a coveted track record of creating success stories in whatever he chooses to do.

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